Letra de Oblivious darkness


Letra de Oblivious darkness de Astarte
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( Astarte )

Surface of permanent street forms
lost moments get impaled my presence fades away
oblivious surface obscures my eyes
strong with the desire of hate
as reality and vision united
communion enlarge my darkness
with multitude of light
the still uncolored circle of seven senses
the visionary wheel of drifting desired shadows
Affections of remained rites
filled by perfumes of past destination
a distant chaos far beyond
from what our eyes can see
the superhuman side within
a mixed movement of a demolished world
Unlocked narration of key elements
creates the wall of past and future passing
let's all wounds be now against our bodies
release fantasy before the eyes
runs sudden to the depth of subconscious
Decentness sun of night releases my fate
half wayside of life and emptiness
upland in distant night of galaxies
glass awake the symbol of passage
reflection demands the quest of existence
Kept upon illusions of fancy gateway
the sound of silence pours my body
underground pyramid of blood
creations and destructions of century bone