Letra de Thorns of charon (pt2) - (emerge from hades)


Letra de Thorns of charon (pt2) - (emerge from hades) de Astarte
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Letra de Thorns of charon (pt2) - (emerge from hades) de Astarte.

( Astarte )

...and they swim in cold thoughts so lifeless!
and cease upon mythic valleys of midnight.
wings of death convey them beyond tomorrow,
as the unbroken silence whispers the stillness of sorrow
Weep no more for them
cause they'll face life once more again.
crush the walls of death
and run to the future
of mortal rebirth.
Hungry souls to the old familiar ways
they took back the long path which
connects death and life.
leaving like the moon in the winter dawn
and carry revenge in frond of them
and distances behind.
(back to earth)
with snow, the dense air raises rich
around their bodies dimmed with evening.
hungry wolves smell the snow buried flesh
and dig deep during the long white night.

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