Letra de Truth on scaffold

Ashes To Ashes

Letra de Truth on scaffold de Ashes To Ashes
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( Ashes To Ashes )

A prophet that tries to live within a law
To sanctify the path he´s walking
Obediently serve the light
Clutching at straws - Pits like jaws
Martytize and observe
Observe the crow

Words are written
Through ancient times
Caused to scrolls
Words are written
Through ancient times
Truth on scaffold
Scars the souls

Indulge the stigmata

In the shadow of the icon
Awaits the halls of doom
Guarding the truth, divine and the wisdom
Concealing the traces in light
Revealing the forbidden
The inhuman and the hidden
Cast the stone

Time has come to face all the lies
Accept and swallow all your pride
Living in celibacy till you die
Reborn - Witness - Crucify

The kingdom of one
Holier than thou
Healing hand
Nailed to cross
For all to see
The saviours wounds
It will always be heresy

Now, the one who looks beyond and far away
Reflections gone astray
Horizons indigo
A soul without mercy, no remorse
The truth is hard to bare
A soul without mercy, no repent
Sentenced to obey
All the years scarred the soul
An image of the lie
That soon will wither and die
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