Letra de Embraced in black

Ashes To Ashes

Letra de Embraced in black de Ashes To Ashes
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Letra de Embraced in black de Ashes To Ashes.

( Ashes To Ashes )

The essence of tragefy
The flame of death´s design
The solid scheme of fate
Futile to reflect
Steering with empty orbits
At the sinister deed
There is a spectral shadow
Engraved in your soul

...And when the scythe has fallen
There´s no turning back
When the light´s persistently faded
You´re forever embraced in black

Never - You will never recoil
Forever - Locked in the pillory
You will never return
Scald by remorseful flame

Eclipse of greed
Grips the inner sanctum
Precious scapegoat
Clenching every drop of life
Leeches on your back
Refuses you to survive
The way is long and hard
That leads up to the light

Never - You will never climb the throne
Forever - Akiller´s breed
You will never feel pity
Scald in purgatory
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