Letra de Matter of time

Army Of Me

Letra de Matter of time de Army Of Me
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( Army Of Me )

Everybody gather 'round have you heard them shout?
there's gonna be a cool rain to kill the awful drought.
weatherman predicts the waiting's not in vain.
oh, but how long?

I can feel it coming from a mile away.
i'm hoping this evading grace will fall on us like rain.
no more blue shades of the same color gray.
oh, but how long?
How long must i wait to find my inspiration?
how long must i wait to sing a new song?
i¹ve been clinging to this dream for so long.
somebody hold me
my brother said it's only
a matter of time.
I can fix my eyes onto the black sky.
well i'd scream and dance and love and sing with passionate signs.
the time is soon approaching, filling all our passive minds.
oh but how long?

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