Letra de Goodbye

Army Of Me

Letra de Goodbye de Army Of Me
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( Army Of Me )

The beauty that we see inspires us to believe
and you have shown through and through.
i stand in silence to absorb these graces
that you have given, more, generously
but it seems so unfair
that beauty so acute should disappear before bloom
somehow it seems fitting
thank you for what you've left,
a memory, existence blest
this residue shall never rinse from my mind, but should linger on.
oh i can't explain what i have seen
from a pure and lovely soul as yours,
goodness takes you far away.
to be by your side would be heaven,
to know your thoughts and hear your voice.
i would savor this like a long sip. . .
Of sweet red wine,
this burns my sides
your lover sighs