Letra de The fire went out


Letra de The fire went out de Antichrisis
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( Antichrisis )

Somebody´s walking the dog like before
The kids outside at the bus stop like in days of yore
A young guy´s pulling the cigarette machine
Out there it´s business as usual but here just died a dream

Somebody´s ringing at the door
Love doesn´t live here any more...

The rooms are empty and I´m on my own
reading your letter the third time turns my heart to stone
The wind´s not sounding your chimes anymore
I left my keys on the sill cause I won´t return no more

Goodbye my love, I am leaving
It´s gettin´ cold in the evening

Oh, the fire it went out
it went out so long
Oh, I never so no cloud
Coming up along
So the fire it went out
It went out so long
A long time a go
And I didn´t know
No afterglow
so much for our last show

Was it all just lie?
Until we die?
Was it all just a lie?
Sort of trick of the light?

An illusion divine?
Goodbye, Dragonfly!
The last test of time?
Goodbye, Dragonfly!
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