Letra de America

Anthony Williams

Letra de America de Anthony Williams
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( Anthony Williams )

For the memorial
of this day
( 9/11/01)
We lost one fight but
still we stand here today
side by side to make
sure satan doesn't get his way
He started a fire and he wants
us to throw gasoline on it
but we won't
we will not quit
Quit the game of life
nor let the devil win
god is with us all
we don't have to sin
Murder kill attack and
retaliate that's what people say
let those words disappear in thin
air and get rid of the hate today
God will punish those who
brought destruction on our soil
he will scar them, blind them, and
leave them to suffer as their skin boil
So america, stay strong with
your head to the sky
and let them see no fear in your
face so keeps your eyes dry

habakkuk 3:16
“god will punish those who attack us”