Letra de Making things better

Anthony Williams

Letra de Making things better de Anthony Williams
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Letra de Making things better de Anthony Williams.

( Anthony Williams )

Making things better
I'm sorry i made you mad
but i'll try to make it better,
by changing my ways and
keep you warm like a sweater,
I'll come home on time
and make sure you're all right,
instead of hanging out with my boys
just to go and watch a fight
I'll run bath water for you
right before you come home,
and lay your robe out
should you have something to put on,
And if theirs sometimes you
don't want me in your way
just let me know and i'll make some
use of my time after work everyday,
Just to make things better
between me and you
see baby i love you
and i don't want to lose you

Written by
anthony williams

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