Letra de Cross your heart


Letra de Cross your heart de Anadivine
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( Anadivine )

Guest vocals by Claudio Sanchez

Well it never gets easier
Each second I´m further away from home now
Fears the well drinks that soak my charade
Her heart plyed ending of movies but then entailed
Ties that bind left a blanket of empty shells
Cover me when I´m shivering
cause it´s cold like winter in upstate
You´ve torn the warmth of my everyday world
Away from the homecoming I don´t anticipate
Cross your heart
You´re a liar girl
Fold your hand and walk away
While I lie awake
How I drug this mind to get some sleep unsuccessfully
Watching you die alone would make you the girl of my dreams
But instead the radio marches parades at 4am
These anthems of hopeless heartache
Serve as a timeline of my life until I fail
In slow motion I watch you now cut the sail
Girl of my dreams never gets easier

[Claudio Sanchez]
As she coward with sound,
behind the walls that surround this.
Let go, will you feel it this time.
Could there ever be that moment?
The one where I owe you my life.
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