Letra de Emily


Letra de Emily de Anadivine
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( Anadivine )

Emily´s under blankets
Tucked in by paramedics
A lullaby of sirens flood this town
And I´ve got a bad idea where envy drinks till my eyes get heavy
My alibi just seems so watered down
And I hear the voice of your mother screaming,
"Run for cover!"
He will feed the flame
And I see her in the arms of another
Did you, did you ever curse my name?
That isn´t enough murder my arms
are now reaching for your neck
Dearest, I´m falling in love
Emily´s so attractive
A white dress in her black casket
A color scheme that surely haunts me now
And I´ve got a new idea
Excuse me sink in this ocean help
I´m telling lies as I begin to drown
Downfall from grace
Forgive me this is my fault and I´m sorry
Forgive me for leaving you this way
My valentine in chalked outline, you´re finally mine
Don´t make a sound
Sleep undeground