Letra de Missunderstanding

Al B. Sure!

Letra de Missunderstanding de Al B. Sure!
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( Al B. Sure! )

Yo, you eddie check this out here...)
why is it everytime i see your face
it's only when i got gas in my chevy?
there's something strange about that...
what's up!!? (it's just a...)
missunderstanding i'm not so demanding
never will you play with my heart
missunderstanding i don't know
what you're planning
never will you tear me apart
I know i must be dreaming,
all these brand new friends
and i've never seen such clever ways
to make amends
you never know who's scheming...
...is she out for self?
nowadays you've got to be protected
and it's not for health
Don't you know she drives me crazy...
...does she like my walk
or maybe all she knows is that money talks
(money, money, money!)
it's a shame the way it is,
i really like her smile
i'd like to get to know her
'cause she drives me wild!
can you tell me why (hey) you need diamonds,
you need pearls
and i gotta buy 'em, oh i've got to buy 'em
don't you know (don't you know) to be my lady
(to by my lady)
drive my mercedes (drive my mercedes)
start giving me that lovin' hey
Hook (repeat)
Can't you read between the lines?
i never go for self
should i try to sleep the lady
and misuse my wealth?
i don't know the times have changed,
i can't sell out
i grew up doing right and i won't throw it out!
Bridge (repeat)
Hook (repeat)
Yo eddie f. are you in here? (yeah!)
ha ha ha yeah i thought so
sounding swell you know what i'm saying? (yeah!)
you know what time it is now right?
nevelle...get funky!!!
missunderstanding, missunderstanding
missunderstanding, that's all it is
Hook (repeat)

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