Letra de I want to know

Al B. Sure!

Letra de I want to know de Al B. Sure!
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Letra de I WANT TO KNOW de AL B. SURE!.

( Al B. Sure! )

I want to know!
Ooh my baby can i hold you close to me?
always thinking about you and i know you know that
that's why i can't get you off of my mind
Oh when i was a little boy (...little little boy)
i thought grown men were not supposed to cry
but now that i'm all man, all man now
i can't hold back the tears and i don't know why
i want to know ooh baby, baby, baby
i want to know, i want to know, i want to know
it's all about you and me
i want to know, oh i want to know
Ooh sweet baby can i share sweet love with you?
i wnat to know is there a future?
that me what i've got to do oh?
Am i wasting my time? i want to know
oh don't you play with my mind
can i make love to you all night through
please don't say no 'cause i do love you
Chorus (repeat)
Ooh baby take away my insecurities and...
I'll always be strong for you
i hope nothing will go wrong with us two
can i trust you when i'm gone away?
you can trust me each and every day
every day (i want to know)
break it down
Oh they say that curiosity killed the cat
and i know that satisfaction brought him back - hey!
finders keeps, loser weeps
i want to know

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