Letra de Slipinside


Letra de Slipinside de Airlock
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Letra de Slipinside de Airlock.

( Airlock )

It doesn't have to be this complicated
or is it just me?
I cherish you it's true
and this love, i value
if it's not meant to be
i'll bow to destiny
and settle for friends
Looking to the left, turning to the right
my life is full of no regrets
i'll settle, i'll settle for friends
friends, i'll settle for friends
all i want, is to be your friend
Friends, we can be friends
all i want, is to be your friend
You tell me you're not ready
but i'm precious
you don't want to start something
you can't finish
Sometimes we're blinded by desire
what you want, not what you need
then it's too late
to make ends meet
Your friend, your friendÂ….(repeat)

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