Letra de Awakening


Letra de Awakening de Airlock
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Letra de Awakening de Airlock.

( Airlock )

There was a time i said i loved you,
a time i thought you cared
a time when things were flowing,
but now i'm lost for words
I tried so hard to understand,
in silence and emotion
you take my smiles away from me
with your careless notions
Will you bring me down
will you lift me up
will you lift me up
i want to be me
when the night is fading,
morning's waking
Didn't do what you were supposed to
do when you said you would do
holding on while all along
i was scared to say goodbye
Those days have gone,
the time has come now
for me to draw the line
my mind is made up baby
i won't play your game
Will you bring me down
will you lift me up
I wanna be me...

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