Letra de The faceless and the used

Aidan Hawken

Letra de The faceless and the used de Aidan Hawken
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( Aidan Hawken )

I bet you do just fine
Encounter it all the time
A line so carelessly drawn
You can´t be responsible
For which side you are on

It´s such a poor excuse
I never know what´s the use
So fearlessly unaware
Of everyone around you
It seems like you don´t care

They are the faceless and the used
The colored lights
That color the shiny ground
Shadows that follow you around
On cold lit ground

You were so heartbroken
Up to your skinny neck
In cards and letters
Condolences that say
You know you know
You´re the talk
The talk of the town
I know you´re heartbroken

It is high time now
You finally figure it out
It´s not till all hope is lost
You take some time to think about
The lines that you have crossed

They are the hopeless and absurd
They are faceless and
The same ones you used last fall
Shadows that look to be so tall
They are just small

I was so heartbroken
Watching you sit on top
Of the very world
I was living in
I know I know
I was drunk
I was never around
I was just heartbroken

If you leave this behind you
There will be no more
Shadows that follow you around
On cold lit ground

We are so heartbroken
Up to our skinny necks
In bad advice
And things that shouldn´t be said
We know we know
There´s no time
For mincing our words
With things we shouldn´t say
We are just heartbroken
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