Letra de Get over yourself

Aidan Hawken

Letra de Get over yourself de Aidan Hawken
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( Aidan Hawken )

One´s all I need
Maybe two or three
Try it sometime
And you´ll see what I mean

Nothing to lose
Don´t be confused
It´s only making me happy
Get over yourself

Rose colored glasses
Part of the masses
Just one more line
I´ll be feeling fine

You shouldn´t talk
With your black board and chalk
It´s making me happy
Get over yourself

Katie come on listen
Don´t block the sun from your eyes
Don´t know what your missing
In control of your life
You know I´ll never try that
But I´ll get over myself
If you get over yourself

Look in the mirror
Nothing to fear
Once I was blind
Now I see it so clear
Rose colored glasses
Things move much faster
It´s making me happy
I don´t need your help
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