Letra de My sin


Letra de My sin de Agresión
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Letra de MY SIN de AGRESIóN.

( Agresión )

Late at night
I dwell outside
Looking for the others
How come we lost each other
Driven by
The voice inside
We must come together
Or be lost forever

Feel embarrassed
Hide myself pretending what I did was right
Kneel in my sin

Struggle through
The mess that's you
Go into a blank stare
Just wake me when I get there
Skin on the floor
We beg for more
Watch the bodies turn red
Now I'm sentenced to death

Feel embarrassed
Stab myself pretending what I felt was nice
Kneel in my sin

When will you stop (screaming at me)
when will you stop (redirect me)
when will you stop (screaming at me)
when will you stop (don't look at me)
Don't look at me
Don't look at me
don't look at me
don't posess me