Letra de Poncho man


Letra de Poncho man de Aehof
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( AEHoF )

Ooooooooh....poncho man
why did you shed your clothes?
ooooooooh....poncho man
put back on your robes
Running down the street under the noon sun
why did you do it? did you think it would be fun?
wearing nothing but a poncho - we can see your bare ass
it doesn't give you elegance, style or class
Ooooooooh....poncho man
your soul to the world you show
ooooooooh....poncho man
at least wear a sombrero
Red, green, yellow, blue, pink and indigo
wearing all the colours of a freaked out rainbow
woven out of wool so you don't catch cold
but doesn't it itch? cos that's what i was told.
Ooooooooh....poncho man
they rugby tackled you to the ground
ooooooooh....poncho man
indecent exposure, guilty you're found
You think you're the head honcho
with your dirty poncho
people boo and hiss
you just laugh and p***
Ooooooooh....poncho man
i think you look stupid too
ooooooooh....poncho man
but i wish i was just like you