Letra de God cheats at poker


Letra de God cheats at poker de Aehof
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( AEHoF )

Every thursday, me and the guys
get together at joe's, though he always cries
"get out my house",
we just laugh and go in
and when he tries to stop us,
we kick him in the shin.
there's another purpose, however,
to these thursday nights
apart from the booze, chilling and the fights.
for you see, thursday is poker night.
and we all play, except tim, who's tight.
and the point of my story happened just last week.
when the conversation turned to the bible, and laughing at the meek.
and god burst in, setting the door aflame.
he smiled and said, "can i join in your game?
God cheats at poker!
lying, cheating father of us all!
god cheats at poker!
no wonder his first game,
led to the fall
we thought he had a flush,
we thought he had a straight
he led us to believe,
he was our greatest mate
but he had an extra ace!
he squirted us with mace!
to distract us...
And then he looked at our hands
and saw what we had...
he played us all for fools
he used as our tools
so listen to me now!
please kill the cow!
get jesus out of those dunes!
and spit out all your prunes!
God cheats at poker!!!