Letra de Yours truly

Accident Prone

Letra de Yours truly de Accident Prone
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( Accident Prone )

Remember when
we first met
how could i forget
you told me that
i was the one
there was noone else
and now i'm feeling this way
when i'm with you everything is ok
do you think that it's wrong
that i write you this song
cuz its so true
you're the one thats there for me
you're my smile, my every dream
you're the one that i need
it dont matter what i do
i'll always be thinkin of you
you're the one that i need
yours truly me
Now its time
to make up your mind
and leave him behind
this feels so strong
and you that it's true
cuz i love you
And everyday
i feel the same
i think of you
everything that you do
i dont know why
i feel like this
cuz i need your kiss
(chorus x2)

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