Letra de My own fault

Accident Prone

Letra de My own fault de Accident Prone
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( Accident Prone )

I took her out
last saturday night
thats when we had our first fight
she was talkin to this guy and
my eyes really didn't like it
i got jealous like always
then i over-reacted
i dont think
this is what i meant to say
when i said that i'm sorry
and i wish
that i could take it all back now
so she wont have to break my heart
I took her to
a movie friday night
thats when we had our second fight
i was talkin to this girl and
i wish it didn't happen
its too late now
i need a way out
cuz we're fighting again
I took her out
it was our anniversary night
thats when we had our last fight
she was yellin cuz i didn't
pay her any attention
said i'm sorry, i really love you
dont worry tomorrows a new day
((*lets go back to my place*))
Its over now
and i'm all alone
maybe one day she'll see
that i'm so sorry
(chorus x2)

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