Letra de The lost, the lucky

A Day At The Fair

Letra de The lost, the lucky de A Day At The Fair
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( A Day At The Fair )

You´re heart stopped and I still think of where you´ve been and where you have gone. I´ll be missing you for way to long. Cause I took chances on you´re sympathy and lost the auction when, I bid the lost and the lucky. I can´t erase what I can´t change... But the guilt still hurts the same. I know I could have saved you in the end. I skipped town without the last of words, the last of what I left. You chose drugs, and chose and ending. A closed up casket shows me that you´d hide the girl you used to be. So strong and so forgiving. I still hear you´re voice on my machine, as you ask if the bigger picture is all it seems. You killed yourself for what you could have been. I was building a life to bring us back again. Now I can´t say I´m sorry, it´s to late and I´m holding all the answers to our dreams. Now I´m waiting silent, and I think of what regret now means. You´re the girl, lost and lucky. You´re heart knew that I still thought of you and where you´re life had gone. This will leave a mark for way to long. And every bone that aches remembers you, and remembers who you were. You are the loss that I am living. I feel the world around me change, while coming back to L.A looked the same. I know we could have changed this in the end... Every promise that I didn´t make I wish I did. Every word I thought I could have said before you left. Every promise that I didn´t make I wish I did. Every word that kept me holding you until these words forgave me. I´m loving you until my life can say this: Angel, I´m