Letra de Homesick angels

A Day At The Fair

Letra de Homesick angels de A Day At The Fair
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( A Day At The Fair )

Watch me break like tempered glass, and cut my wrist while falling, for boredom sake I´ll call in sick, and I´ll just keep on writing, these letters to homesick angels, resting calmly on my shoulder, as I apologize for living, you could have done this better

Your innocence still haunts me, as the seasons slowly change, I think of where you would be today

I still believe in the stars, as they carry our way, into tomorrow, they´re all you, they´re all home, they´re all beauty

I keep your rose around my neck, to keep my heart still beating, I keep your face locked in my heart, so you can keep on breathing, your life as a living angel, with your arms draped around my shoulder, all these seasons miss your face, and I´m still getting older

November hides the scars, another winter makes it´s way, I think of how great you would be today

I know that every time I smile, I know that every time I breathe, I know that every time I fall asleep your with me, and every night I pray, I ask to see your face again, cause in ever word I sing, you are with me

You are with, you are with me, you are with me