Letra de Hydroponic


Letra de Hydroponic de 311
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Letra de HYDROPONIC de 311.

( 311 )

This next one....
is dedicated to all the stoners in the house!!!
the ones that smoke the weeedaa
hydroponic is on........
Mother nature supreme step back and dream the hydroponic scene
found around knocked out of bounds wound into the mind of my stone cloud
taste the thinnest of oxygen rising higher a stoner cus i can groove something
wrecking nothing to prove see that's in my nature
so fresh, the vital bud of the chronic tastes of something thicker
Everything i eat is from the earth, right
i am what i eat straight up earth, right
nothing but a walking sack of earth nice to meet you how do ya do
guess what. ya you're one too
my skin holds me in my brain moves me then boom
i jump straight off the speaker in a form a celebration that we're moving
freely disconnected i'm truly grateful i'm going back the earth
i'm not gonna waste life being hateful
Jumpin' out my skin
the skin i'm in
and the hydroponics' on
Did it because we wanna toke up until it's gone an abstract notion
here to connect me to the ocean
'cause i'm water and carbon and not much else i felt compunction
conjunction junction what's your function
i'll be hookin' ups verbs and nouns and phrases and clauses as to the causes
of misery quizzically i look to my own book hooked on trying to fathom
the solar systems and atom in a larger molecule
called a galaxy cool
the milky way is where i stay
Astronomy steppin' stompin' a pow wow i rock the mike and shake up the ground
and i'm a bust out like wild dandelions in fat bloom
i'm shooting through the cosmos because i loom
you know i'm higher i'm shining brighter
yes yes
like where water comes together with other water foamin'
now i'm homin'
like a bird soarin' right to the mood
i'm a wildflower busting out i go boom
Jumpin' out my skin
the skin i'm in
and the hydroponics' on
Jumpin' out my skin
the skin i'm in
and the hydroponics' on