Letra de Damn


Letra de Damn de 311
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Letra de DAMN de 311.

( 311 )

Yo, word up! i'm talkin' to you, makin' dope rhymes that's what i do like a mad man, you know i'm bad man! i slam a good goddamn!
well i've been burned so goddamn badly. i could just sit and sing the blues, but instead i make a fist, yeah, and make my own bad/good news, yeah. take my advice, you'll pay the price to make it funky like this!
Good god!
Yo, what else is dissin' me? that's right it's pissin' me off! rock me baby? what?!!
You don't mean that crap! what the hell if it sells? damn, you're a sham! no thank you ma'am..... bitch!!!
(repeat chorus)
Good goddamn!
I'll tell you what.
Allus klar.