Letra de Lirics


Letra de Lirics de 2pac
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Letra de LIRICS de 2PAC.

( 2Pac )

Eyes blood shut red/ wasted/spend most of my life in the basement/ workind on my

theory/so people can hear me
style of deversity/ and density/coming straight from my city/one individual/being

sick lirical/understroyable/
words flow/ like a pure soul/mc's/ I treat them like desise/erase their

memories/with words like these/
my mind/ travels at fast pace/ 2face/ creating my own ways/turning nights into

days/giving you a taste/
of something you can embrase/couple smokes/ and a cup of coffe/and I feel free/ to

write my own biography/
about poverty/and how the future will be/in year 2030/suddently/ everything will

change/drastically/your best
friand will become your worst enemy/living lives without destiny/religion/ plays a

big part of my vision/ with
every decision/I turn to a lirical politician/and listen/staring at the world/trying

to capture this life word for word/
crucified/ for the truth i've told/my heart turned cold/ witha match sparking like a

piece of hope.

2face(street poet)