Letra de Do for love


Letra de Do for love de 2pac
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Letra de DO FOR LOVE de 2PAC.

( 2Pac )

[Eric Williams]
Turn it up, loud
Hey man
You a little sucka for love, right?
Word up

I shoulda seen you was trouble right from the start
Taught me so many lessons
How not to mess with broken hearts
So many questions
When this began
We was the perfect match, perhaps
We had some problems, but we workin' at it

And now
The arguments are gettin' loud
I wanna stay
But I can't help from walkin', it's the widow way
Just take my hand and understand if you could see
I never planned to be your man, it just wasn't me
But now I'm searching for commitment in other arms
I wanna shelter you from harm, don't be alarmed
Your attitude was the cause, you got me stressin'
Soon as I opened up the door with your jealous questions
Like when can I be, you're killin me with your jealousy
Near my bitches to be free, I can't breathe
Cuz soon as I leave, it's like a trap
I hear you callin' me to come back
I'm a sucka for love

[Eric Williams]
What you won't do, do for love
You tried everything but you don't give up
What you won't do, do for love
You tried everything but you don't give up

Just when I thought I broke away and I'm feelin happy
You tried to trap me
You said I'm pregnant and guess who the daddy
Don't wanna fall for it
But in this case what could I do
So now I'm back
Still makin' promises to you
Tryin' to keep it true
What if I'm wrong
A trick to keep me on and on
Tryin' to be strong in the process
Keep it goin', about to lose my composure
I'm gettin' close
'Stead packin' up and leavin' notes
And gettin' ghosts
Tell me who knows a peaceful place where I can go
To clear my head, I'm feelin low
Losin' control, my heart is sayin' leave
But what a tangled web we weave
When we conspire to deceive

And now you're gettin' calls at the house
Guess you're cheatin'
That's all I need to hear
Cuz I'm leavin, I'm out the door
Never, no more will you see me
This is the end
Cuz now I know you been cheatin'
I'm a sucka for love

[Repeat 1]

Now he left you with scars
Tears on your pillow
And you still stay, as you sit and pray
Hopin' the beatin's will go away
It wasn't always a hit and run relationship
It used to be love, happiness, and companionship
Remember when I treated you good
I moved you up to the hills
Out the ills of the ghettohood
Me and you, a happy home when it was on
I had a lot to call my own
I still seen you was troubled
But I was lost, trapped in your eyes
Preoccupied with gettin' tossed
No need to lie
You had a man and I knew it
You told me don't worry 'bout it
We can do it
Now I'm under pressure
Makin' decisions cuz I'm waitin'
When I'm alone I'm on the phone
Havin' secret conversations
I wanna take your misery
Replace it with happiness
But I need your faith, and me?
I'm a sucka for love

[Repeat 1] until fade