Letra de Mr. man

Two Spot Gobi

Letra de Mr. man de Two Spot Gobi
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Letra de MR. MAN de TWO SPOT GOBI.

( Two Spot Gobi )

Mr Man don?t take his time, he?s in control of what is right
Won?t take his conscience to the grave
As the waves come tumbling in and the sand begins to spin
The howling wind don?t seem to lie
The clouds move right because he knows that this is Mr Man?s day of snow
And all love now will seldom show
And as he stands he says this time, there ain?t no way I?m gonna cry
And people who?ve crossed me they will pay

So don?t take the shine cos as the sand dances this time there ain?t no way Mr Man?s gonna pay

Now in control Mr Man starts to roll, like the player that was always inside,
You can only screw someone ten times, before your mind begins to pry
And your heart turns into stone
And if you do then you will find that Mr Man is gonna change his mind
He will make you feel his pain this time

So don?t take the line because it may not be you this time that?s gonna pay, someone will pay cos, Mr Man takes control with a smile so broad you know, that there ain?t no rain on his parade
So never take the chance and let yourself get played

If you want to dance with Mr Man, you?re gonna have to wait your turn as the crowd begins to grow
There ain?t no nice in Mr Ice, who never turns or looks back twice
In a game where no one shows
On the sombre homeward drive Mr Man finds himself inside, to take control of what he?s played that day

And everytime he laughs today he thinks to himself there ain?t no way
That I?m ever going to feel the same

So don?t take the line because it seems that only fools think that way
Finish first and learn to live with hate inside, it dies away