Letra de S.m.f.

Twisted Sister

Letra de S.m.f. de Twisted Sister
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Letra de S.M.F. de TWISTED SISTER.

( Twisted Sister )

Black sheep of the family, nothing like the rest
separate from the others, failing all their tests
can't they see you're different, so hungry and so lean
you're a walking wonder, you're a metal machine
look and you'll see you're alot like me
You're an s.m.f.
you're an s.m.f.
you're an s.m.f.
you're an s.-m.-f.
Caught up in their worries and tomorrow's dream
missing all the living, milk without the cream
they think you're so foolish, living for today
caring just what you think, not what others say
join with us, oh, how they'll scream and fuss
Repeat chorus
Solo - jay jay
We're the ones that live it, we're all really free
and if they think that we're sick then sick is what we'll be
scream it loud, know what you are, be proud
Repeat chorus