Letra de Destroyer

Twisted Sister

Letra de Destroyer de Twisted Sister
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( Twisted Sister )

He spent his life
a silent sentinel
for all to fear
he walks, he talks, he thinks, he feels
but no one dare go near
he takes in all he sees
nothing escapes his gaze
and when he strikes
he strikes for right
a glorious sight
Destroyer, destroyer, destroyer
he's in town
He came to be
from a grand mistake
a mystical charade
created to decide the good
and bring repercussive aid
as awareness filled his fame
he examined those who leered
then he cleaved the air
with his fiery stare
rend all those there
(repeat chorus 2x)
A day will come
you'll be drawn into
the center of your town
and come upon a mass of steel
that cracks the very ground
prepare to meet your judge
don't think to run away
just pray your face
holds no disgrace
for the deadly ace
(repeat chorus 2x)

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