Letra de Screw worm baby

Trashlight Vision

Letra de Screw worm baby de Trashlight Vision
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( Trashlight Vision )

I´d say I´m sorry
But I´m not sorry, things always work out for me
I got a smile like a Cheshire cat
that swallowed the canary
You say you´re sorry
You´re never sorry and things never work out for you
You think I lied you think I cheated
That´s because you´re defeated and depleted
Are you ready? Yes I´m ready
Are you ready? Yes I´m ready
Are you ready you´re a screw worm baby
Whoa-oh, Hey!
I take delight in demolition
Leaving suicide open as an option
Anarchist, Nihilists
bookworms and Satanists
Right now (right now)
I´m a billboard disgrace
I want your head- want your pretty face
Right now (right now)
I want to end world peace
You wanted war, I gotta apocalypse
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