Letra de King

Towers Of London

Letra de King de Towers Of London
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( Towers Of London )

And I, I could be king
If you laid down on your knees
Get it on get it on
For Tomorrow

And when im down
I don´t feel so tough
But im never gonna give up on you
Get it on get it on
Cause its never gonna be the same

I could be king
I could be king
For a day
I could be king

Dont doubt me I was just appalling
Blue skies gone and now its a pouring

You ask the questions now who´s
working it out??

Shut that door think about what you say
I burnt my bridge and now i´ll do it my way
Tomorrows gone but it wont be long

Till my hips start shakin´ and im ready to go
Favourite bands on the radio
And just want you to know

I could be king
I could be king
I could be king