Letra de White sister


Letra de White sister de Toto
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( Toto )

How can you say you love me
when you don't even love yourself
you live your life like a jagged knife
just waiting on the shelf
How can you live for tomorrow
when you curse the night and day
the minutes pass through the hour glass
as you let them slip away
do you love me
white sister
do you love me when i play your game
do you love me
white sister
do you love me
when i call your name
How can you touch the sorrow
with a leather gloved hand
when you summon the winds of anger
just as fast as you can
You crucify an orphan
with the rainbow in your eyes
then you send out invitations
and address them with his cries
I don't even know what's right
i can say
that you put up some kind of fight
i've been branded
i've been stranded
i'm so thankful for what i've been handed
i wish i could say that you're mine
such a card game