Letra de English eyes


Letra de English eyes de Toto
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( Toto )

What you're sayin' it never really crossed my mind
i hear playin' and everybody's keepin' time
i'm recallin' that girl i met in london town
she was strange, young and tender and narrowed all my choices down
we ran away into the night hypnotized
you carved your name right next to mine, english eyes
I was tryin' to read her lips and knew the time was drawing near
i forgot what she said but i remember how she whispered in my ear
i can hear laughter coming from the places we once knew
there were stories from a stranger out of nowhere but they seemed so true
English eyes, english eyes
(instrumental break)
English eyes
Red sky warning, girl you really put a spell on me
never told me 'bout the daddy you refused to please
you took the bishop when the king was standing right in front of you
there's nothing in it if i can't have a girl with eyes like you
Chorus repeats 2x
English eyes, yeah, english eyes, english eyes