Letra de 3 at 7

Timo Tolkki

Letra de 3 at 7 de Timo Tolkki
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Letra de 3 AT 7 de TIMO TOLKKI.

( Timo Tolkki )

So you came right on time
You know that number seven is divine?

I am confused, I am afraid
I don´t know what I should be thinking

Gently my dear, there´s no reason to be scared
Look into my eyes and you will see the truth
Your eyes are strange, deep ocean blue
Yet full of wisdom, peace and confidence

I have come to lead you to a place where you will meet your destiny
You read my thoughts, you know my name and all my life
I don´t understand what is happening to me

You must come, we´ll take a trip to crystal island where she is awaiting
She´ll tell you why
She´ll tell you how
She has the answers to your questions
The reason why you´re here
The reason you were born
The reason for your pain, soon you will understand
Take my hand