Letra de Dehumanized

Theory In Practice

Letra de Dehumanized de Theory In Practice
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( Theory In Practice )

Hunted down by believers of the cross
They say I have the devil in me
Forced to confess under torture
They strap me tight to a steel bed

Nausea, cannot move nor speak
The chanting seems so unreal
My reminder is the cold bed of steel

They ignore my mournful cries, believe them all to be lies
Tainted words that should go unheard
My thoughts are potential danger, my opinions infectious
Like the plague, the infectious plague

Dehumanized, demonized

Ungodly deed this exorcism
Demonizing the falsely accused
The chanting and the torment
Force me now beyond my right mind
I leave my common sense far behind

Dehumanized, falsely accused, degraded yet innocent
Marked forever by this humiliating act
Dehumanized, dignity dead, I´m becoming what they want me to be
Maybe it is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven

No longer considered human by them, hell I know I´ve gone beyond myself
Their chanting words cause my ears to bleed
They gave me hell, I´ve become hell

Awaits me, I´ll leave this world
Schizophrenic tendencies
Alienated, don´t know myself
Only pain stays the same
The bliss in the darkness is calling my name

Exorcising what has become a part of me
They opened hell inside of me