Letra de Take advantage

The Track Record

Letra de Take advantage de The Track Record
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Letra de Take advantage de The Track Record.

( The Track Record )

You used to be one half asleep and smiling, warm welcoming me into
Now it´s just "Rob, you don´t belong in my room"
We don´t do this anymore

I´ll be on my way home
This side of the music is killing me faster
I´ll likely end up at your door
Wishing I could still race up the stairs into your bed on a Sunday morning

Take the time to make impressions
Story trade and brag to girlfriends
We were not to take for granted
Just given advantage
This car made me
You´re only honest when you´re naked
Truth is, I´m too cool for this
And that´s exactly what´s turning you on

Missing my fake friends
I want to need to make the scene
My stomach turns
She´s late to bleed
Where´d you go old school good girl?
You´ve been seeking someone to use on a Sunday morning
Exactly what´s turning you on?

After with you is so better than during
My heart can´t explode
How else would you know me?
I don´t want any more drugs
I just want to play music
See what you´ve done
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