Letra de The making

The Track Record

Letra de The making de The Track Record
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Letra de The making de The Track Record.

( The Track Record )

Take long showers
Just feel no pain
I?m of a persuasive nature with something to sell
Yeah everyone needs reason to step outside
You know I complain when I?m bored as millions starve in the cold

I wish I hadn?t decided to up these walls
But I was losing interest like I tend to do
I?m stalling, we?re changing
This was years in the making
Myself at home wherever I go

Balmy Winter?s got me twisted about like I?m tasting the end of the world
So, I convert fear to motivation in hopes of adjustment to social change
Let?s make the game our career
I?m such a slave to your trade

Get, get, get where you?re going
Get where you?re going

Oh anything that I fault you for I am myself or wish I was
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