Letra de Onslaught

The Partisan Turbine

Letra de Onslaught de The Partisan Turbine
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( The Partisan Turbine )

For we leave you beaten,
And helpless prized of innocence.
Disgusted, no remorse.
Your existence is no more.

From my dialated eyes that seeks the sight of hate,
a prismic terror of binding torment,
caught up from the same mistakes,
of terminal illness, a blessed state
of supreme violent execution of man verse beast.

In its deepest deviation and perpetuating
human murder, there is no hope thats all in the past.

Save us be to god, and forgive us these sins,
Upon the prayers no answers,
your god has been terminated and is obselete.
You will receive better than he,
but butchered for eternity.

Forever be enslaved by the beast
Forever in disgust.

Forever be enslaved by the beast
Forever live in disgust.
Forever live by the beast.
Forever live in his name.
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