Letra de No god

The Germs

Letra de No god de The Germs
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Letra de NO GOD de THE GERMS.

( The Germs )

I´ve read every book in the bible story
And all is every brought me was
another worry
Don´t want god give me a jury,
See...there´s no God to make
up my mind-
No God givin´ me time...

I peered in every window where
I saw a cross
But I could never see just what they saw
In that piece of plaster on the wall,
See...there´s no God to fear-
No God to hear your cries...

I´d prey to anything out there
If only I was given some sign to bear
But while I wait I´m gonna live,
See...there´s no God to watch over me-
No God for human beings...

When I small I obeyed
his every word
Handed down to me by some
thoughtful blur
But now I am as big as he,
See...No God bigger than I-
No God frightening me...

In my image I made he him
and I gave him life
So he burned me,
the creature has risen and I
Think you can see just what it is
that´s drivin´
Me around round...

We are the church we are good
we´ve got your
Millions God know we should...

[repeat first verse]