Letra de A dozen red roses

Tammy Graham

Letra de A dozen red roses de Tammy Graham
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( Tammy Graham )

A dozen red roses
and a simple bouquet
arrived at the church
on her wedding day
The bridesmaides gather 'round her
last details done
but a dozen red roses
who could they be from
The moment was close now
the church filled with light
she stood like a picture
in a glow of white.
all her friends awaiting
the music softly playing
yet, she reached for the roses
on the table where they lay.
Then from the roses
she picked up an envelope
her hand was guided by her heart
and for every rose
a single teardrop fell
as she lifted her veil and read the card:
"your in your room sleeping
as i write these words
i know you won't read them
till years from now"
"god will call me home soon
i'll miss you're wedding day,
so your mom will keep
this note to send
with a rose bouquet"
"so take one of these roses
to hold in your hand
and i'll be beside you,
As always,
love dad"

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