Letra de Death metal is gay

Talking Ass

Letra de Death metal is gay de Talking Ass
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( Talking Ass )

Her parents had already died
They got in my way
She didn't have time to cry
Wrong place at the wrong time, she would pay
She ran in fright as i closed in
She didn't know what i would do
I grabbed her, i was ready to begin
She screeched uselessly as i tore off her clothes
She had hello kitty panties, i mercilessly ripped them off
Her skin blackened as i assailed her with blows
Internal bleeding, damaged skin
I jammed it in with much repeat
She started to faint, too much pressure
I parted her curtains made of meat
She was undeveloped
It fit so tight
It was barely enveloped
But it still felt so right
I ejaculated, now the time was right
I pulled out my 10 inch knife
I plunged it into her throat with all my might
Loss of blood ended her life
I stabbed her repeatedly, making many holes
The pool of blood was growing in size
Sexual satisfaction was my only goal
I forcefully ejaculated into her eyes
As i reopened the window to escape
I fondly remembered tonight's events
And i walked into the night, to find another little slut to rape
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