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Letra de Celebrity de Talent
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( Talent )

1- la la la, la la la la
repeat 1x
Verse 1- remember when you said you loved me
and you said you wanted me
that night in philly
you can call me papi
and i called you mami
cristal and cds
let you hold my car keys
bm's with cc's
2- now you wanna front like you don't know me
girl you act like you don't know me
now you hangin' out wit' celebrities
when i see you be all low-key
now i'm not the one wit' the phd
look at you actin' all shady
i just knew you when you were chasin' me
now you're hangin' out wit' celebrities
3- wha wha wha wha (wha wha wha wha)
repeat 3x
Verse 2- treat you royal
and i used to spoil ya
i paid your bills off
yo motorola
i flew you over
enchanted borders
like a true baller
where is your morals?
you used to be loyal
Repeat 2
repeat 3
Bridge- (see i was the one)
i was the one who dropped you off
when yo ass didn't have a car
i was the one who gave you money
you was broke without a job
i was the one who paid your bills
when you said your loan was off
i was the one who worked two jobs
to help you pay your taxes off
Repeat 2 twice
ad lib till end