Letra de You were there


Letra de You were there de T-bone
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Letra de You were there de T-bone.

( T-Bone )

I can be here while you there,
even tho, you dont care,
i can be a thousand miles away,
but you still dont care,
and dont you even dare,
disagree cuz,
when im here, you are there and you barely bare to,
understand what im going thru and,
even tho your here with me, i can still here you callin my name always.
Yu can try to understand why im really here but you really undersatnd this...cuz you really cant why im am here you just assume!! and you dont really see b4 eyes todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
evn tho u may say, i really like this but you really dont. i may say what the hey but i really care 'bout wat u say. see im here 4 a lil reason and thats 2 see wat ur tryin 2 do bhind my bak, but once u see that i really no, ur kickin the streets!
Chorus x3.

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