Letra de Follow slippy


Letra de Follow slippy de Sylvyr
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( Sylvyr )

Turn it up.
make it hot.
come with me.
hit the spot.

Start your engines!
Limbo dancing,
weed whacking,
collecting 30 fruits,
jump before you munch,
the player's pulse,
a new dimension,
turbo tulip,
jelly plate,
the heavy load,
ths slimy vine,
the whammy square.
super happy,
shoot and snag,
super happy tree.
sweat and sway,
follow slippy,
he'll show you the way!
Drop the dragon,
ride the dragon,
lots of jelly fish,
giant fuzzy mascots,
out of sight,
out of melons,
tee hee trampolines.
Up the hills that keep on coming,
beware the bumper balls,
at the chop house,
ball and pain,
up against a wall.
Djstarmy: what's in the box?
tom: surprize balls.
sarah: the taller they are.
Sarah: address the ball
djstarmy: upgrade the ball
sarah: this is the source of happiness.
Follow slippy....