Letra de Parted ways


Letra de Parted ways de Surrealism
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( Surrealism )

Is there a missing length between our "hellos"?
a huge cracked gap in between, one side to one side
perhaps there is, 'cause inside you're shallow
i found that out in the truth's to all of your lies
it cannot be
it cannot be
it cannot be
inside of me
it's deep inside
it's hiding inside
it's kept outside
outside of who i am
Before you thought everything will stay the same
you fooled yourself onto thinking you could leech
everything that i had offered you to have and recieve
now i stood on my conscious side, now it's my time to teach
The flavor your craving for, tyring to cling onto
stopped what you wanted and leeched on to me
the thoughts that linger on your precious mind
died right before you killed everything in me
Now i find myself falling
now i fall, onto me
now i fall...fall...fall...
unconscious once again