Letra de Deeper

Static Major

Letra de Deeper de Static Major
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( Static Major )

I love it when you push it back
When I´m making love to you
And baby when you bite your lip
I Wanna go deeper, deeper, deeper
Keep on pushing back(Keep on pushing back)
Just keep on pushin back(just keep on pushing back)
And I´ll deeper for you babe
Can I go deeper bay bay

[Verse 1:]
Girl I love the way you read my mind
The way you always know when I wanna grind
Girl you know I always Satisfy on the first time
Second and third time
Girl your sweating just as hard and me
Pumping as hard as me
Want it as bad as me
I´ll make sure that you get yours before I get mine
I´m in the mood tonight


[Verse 2:]
Can I play it like a Submarine
Or take it all the way down to the bottom
I wanna see you shaking at the knees
Hiding you face under the pillow
Girl I see you ain´t holding back and I ain´t holding back
Who needs tomorrow
Cause tonight your getting all of me
Make your body follow me like it´s apart of me