Letra de Sex farm

Spinal Tap

Letra de Sex farm de Spinal Tap
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( Spinal Tap )

Let's rock and roll
working on a sex farm
trying to raise some hard love
getting out my pitch forkand poking your hay.
Scratching in your henhouse
sniffing at your feedbag
slipping out your back door
i'm leaving my spray.
Sex farm woman
i'm gonna mow you down
sex farm woman
i'll rake and mow you down.
sex farm woman
don't you see my silo risin' high.
Working on a sex farm
hosing down your barn door
bothering your livestock
they know what i need.
Working up a hot sweat
i'm scratching in your pea patch
plowing through your bean field
planting my seed.
Sex farm woman
i'll be your hired hand
sex farm woman
i'll let my offer stand
sex farm woman
don't you feel my tractor rumbling by
by - by - byyyy.
Working on a sex farm
wolfing down some cornbread
i'm turning on the tv
joining the grange.
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