Letra de Keep the faith (2)

Special D.

Letra de Keep the faith (2) de Special D.
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Letra de KEEP THE FAITH (2) de SPECIAL D..

( Special D. )

I see the sky is fallin
Down to the beaty ground
Whipe away tear drops slowly
I feel a lonely sound

Memories fadin driftin
Back to reality*
Save the last hope
Deep inside of me

Keep the faith
If you will see
You still can believe in me
Keep the faith
If I will be
All that to me from me

Covering sameless motions
Nothing obscures my lies
Longin for you forgive me
I scream there's no reply

Memories and up asking
Am I the queen** of pain
Kiss me, bless me
Stop this sell of rain

Chorus 2x

* by reality is it: reaaaaaaality
** by the queen is it: theeeeeee queen of pain